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Cape Wine Country / Last Minute  / 6 More reasons why wine is good for your health

6 More reasons why wine is good for your health

Personally I don’t need too many justifications to enjoy a well selected glass of wine but for those of you hunting for a good excuse to indulge in a good bottle of wine, here are some interesting facts I recently discovered!

Not too surprisingly the list of the benefits of wine is enduring, from a healthy heart to a well preserved brain and apparently, in moderation wine can help you lose weight too! With the wine market booming in South Africa and with the ladies buying 6 out of every 10 bottles sold in this country, I am thrilled to report that drinking wine does the following:

Wine has anti-cancer benefits

“Ellagic acid exerts potent preventive and therapeutic effects against several types of cancers, including colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, esophageal cancer, and osteogenic sarcoma” Research progress on the anticarcinogenic actions and mechanisms of ellagic acid, Cancer Biology and Medicine

Ellagic acid is only found in red muscadine grapes and OAK BARRELS! YAY- *So in my non research based  opinion a glass and half of any well oaked wine could contain enough of this special acid to stop cancer cells from forming.

Wine may fight off your cold

According to study in 2010, the American Journal of Epidemology found that among 4000 members, those who drank more than 14 weekly glasses of wine for a year were 40% less likely to come down with a cold. Why? Antioxidants are believed to fight infection and protect cells against the effects of free radicals.

Wine has slimming effects

Most of us have heard of the benefits of reservatrol found in our favourite vino (it’s good for the heart), but did you know that piceatannol, the chemical compound our bodies convert from reservatrol is what actually prevents the growth of fat cells by binding to the insulin receptors of fat cells, ultimately blocking the pathway necessary for immature fat cells to mature and grow.

Wine keeps your bones strong

Moderate wine drinking can reduce your risk of Osteoporisis. How? By increasing bone mineral density of both men and women. A recent study showed that women who consumed 11 to 29mls of alcohol per day – the equivalent of 1 to 3 glasses of wine, had greater bone mineral density than non-drinkers and heavy drinkers.  

Wine is good for your digestion

Wine has digestion-enhancing properties, resulting in a similar probiotic benefit as the ones found in Yoghurt, another product of fermentation. Moderate wine consumption can decrease the risk of peptic ulcers and may help rid the body of the bacteria suspected of causing them.

You enjoy drinking wine!

The first and foremost reason to drink wine!


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